Stakeholder Area

Our company has established effective communication channels and dedicated personnel for employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the wider community, who are responsible for listening to the needs of stakeholders. We value feedback received through various communication channels, and we respond to and follow up on issues accordingly.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Material Issues Communication Channels and Response Method
Employee Relations

1.Compensation and Benefits
2.Industrial Relations
3.Employee Development
4.Occupational Safety and Health


Contact Person:Human Resources 
TEL: +886-419-5988
1. Employee Feedback Box
2. Employee Welfare Committee
3. Labor-management Meeting
4. Provide free health check-ups for Employees 
5.Organize employee activities from time to time

customer relations

1.Product Management
2.Compliance with regulations
3.Customer relationship management
4.Anti-corruption and fair trade

Contact Person: Sales
TEL: +886-419-5988   
1.Customer Service Satisfaction Survey
2.External Exhibition
3.Customer Audit Meeting

supplier relations

1.Compliance with Regulations
2.Anti-corruption and Fair Trade
3.Products and Services

Contact Person: Purchasing
1.Supplier Visits
2.Supplier Evaluation

Investor Relations

1.Corporate Operations Governance
2.Financial Performance
3.Risk Management
4.Company Sustainability

Contact Person: Spokesperson
TEL: +886-419-5988
1.Annual General Meeting
2.Market Observatory Post System
3.Annual Report and Financial Statements
4.Company Website




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