Corporate Governance

Internal Audit

The Company's internal audit unit is an independent unit directly affiliated with the Board of Directors. In addition to delivering audit reports to the Audit Committee members (each independent director) every month, it also attends the regular Board of Directors and Audit Committee audit business reports.

Based on the internal audit system (implementation rules) designed by the company's internal control system, assist the board of directors and management to examine and review deficiencies in the internal control system and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and provide timely improvement suggestions to ensure the sustainability of the internal control system Effectively implement and serve as a basis for review and correction. Its scope includes all operations of the company and its subsidiaries.

The annual audit plan is formulated based on the "Principles for Establishing Internal Control Systems for Publicly Issuing Companies" and risk assessment. It is approved by the Audit Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The audit work is mainly performed based on the annual audit plan. The audit results include the preparation of working papers and In addition to the audit report, the audit results are fully communicated with the supervisor of the inspected unit to obtain the improvement plan and improvement date. The auditors also track the improvement actions to ensure the effective implementation of internal control.

Internal audit reviews the self-assessment reports of each unit, unit and subsidiary, and reviews the improvement of internal control deficiencies and abnormal matters discovered by the audit unit, so as to serve as the board of directors and general manager to evaluate the effectiveness of the overall internal control system and issue an internal control system The main basis for the declaration.

The appointment, removal, evaluation, and salary remuneration of the company's internal auditors are handled in accordance with the "Employee Recruitment, Appointment and Dismissal Management Measures", "Employee Performance Appraisal Management Measures", "Attendance Standards", and "Salary Management Measures". The appointment, dismissal, evaluation, and salary remuneration of internal auditors are reported to the chairman of the board for approval according to the approval process. The above-mentioned relevant measures have been disclosed in the company's internal regulations area.



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