Corporate Governance

Environmental Protection

In response to the potential risk impact of global climate change on KING SHING now and in the future, in terms of environmental management, sewage treatment, waste removal and reuse, environmental protection personnel, etc. are operating normally for many years, and continue to do our best. Enterprises should have environmental protection and social responsibility.

We also promote environmental awareness on energy conservation and carbon reduction to our employees and suppliers, encourage environmentally friendly activities such as Energy Conservation, reusing waste paper and use reusable food ware.

Emissions Management Guidelines

Committed to effectively managing and reducing overall emissions, minimizing risks and fulfilling corporate social and environmental responsibilities.

Content Management System

  • Industrial Waste Reduce, Recycle and Recovery.
  • Reducing CO2 Emissions.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Setting Solar Energy.

Management by Objectives

Prevent and reduce production pollutants, reduce manufacturing pollution emissions, practice energy conservation and carbon reduction, and create a win-win situation of enterprise cost reduction and environmental friendliness.

Management System

External:Emission standards are in accordance with the environmental regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Internal:Operate in accordance with the environmental management system to ensure that emissions comply with regulatory standards and are verified by the dedicated environmental safety unit.

Management Measures

The factory operates in accordance with the person in charge of occupational safety and health and environmental protection. The dedicated environmental safety unit conducts internal and external audits. Certification Body to conduct audits and provide improvement suggestions.

Certification List
2012 Obtain ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, EMS.
2023 Obtain ISO14064-1 Carbon Footprint Verification, CFV.
2023 Participate RE100 Making the Renewables Revolution Global.



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